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Tips for an eco-conscious family holiday

Regardless of where you and your family lie on the eco-spectrum, here are some earth-wise practices to commit to and instill in your globetrotting kid(s): Choose destinations that aren’t overdeveloped or overcrowded. Stay on marked trails – off-roading may disturb plants, animals and habitats. Never feed, chase ...

A pre-departure checklist for traveling families

A lot of prep work goes into taking a trip, especially when kids are involved. Sorry to say, it’s not over once you’ve finished packing. How you leave your house is important, too. There are safety and security issues to contend with, plus you’ll need ...

Let kids help decide what to bring along

By the time your child hits the preschooler stage, you can lighten up – you no longer have to haul all that big baby equipment around the world with you. A car seat, (maybe an umbrella stroller) and a bevy of diversions are ...

Fool-proof diversions for active imaginations

For your preschooler, play is paramount. This is a hyper-imaginative, creative, fun-hungry stage and boredom is the enemy. Fantasy and role play move into the forefront, and improved fine motor skills mean art projects become more elaborate and engaging. Your preschooler can start to enjoy games with ...

Keep youngsters safe in unfamiliar places

Young children don’t take too well to a room full of no-nos, so you’ll have to take it upon yourself to secure the environment from safety hazards. Childproofing your home away from home should be a top priority when settling in to your destination. Some hotels ...