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Going Green?

Tips for an eco-conscious family holiday

Regardless of where you and your family lie on the eco-spectrum, here are some earth-wise practices to commit to and instill in your globetrotting kid(s):

    • Choose destinations that aren’t overdeveloped or overcrowded.
    • Stay on marked trails – off-roading may disturb plants, animals and habitats.
    • Never feed, chase or touch wildlife or marine animals.
    • Don’t litter or take any natural souvenirs (rocks, coral, leaves etc.).
    • Learn about the area you are visiting – read up on the geography, history, biodiversity, customs and culture there.
    • Support local festivals and events – help preserve traditions and bolster the cultural integrity of the region.
    • Respect people’s privacy – ask before you snap their pictures.
    • Do not purchase souvenirs made from endangered plants and animals (tortoise shells, ivory, feathers, skins etc.).
    • Patronize locally run restaurants, lodgings, tours, shops and services.
    • Contribute to conservation organizations with time and/or money.
    • Use e-tickets wherever possible to cut down on paper useage.
    • Seek out lodging that uses energy efficient lighting, recycling bins, low flow pluming and gray water systems, linen reusing programs, alternative energy sources and other environmentally conscious practices.
    • Choose ecotourism products that create economic opportunities for the local communities
    • Celebrate biological and cultural diversity.
    • Support National Parks – help preserve sensitive areas so that future generations can enjoy them.

July 29th, 2008
ronny68b says:

“Celebrate biological and cultural diversity.” – Come on ya gotta do better than that. How consider renting a bike or taking a bus or a train tour rather than renting a motorcar? How about taking a direct flight to minimize travel time (good for you and better for the environment)

“Seek out lodging that uses energy efficient lighting.” Yeah… that’s nice. But what about proactively making a difference? Do a volunteer vacation through earth watch.

“Respect people’s privacy – ask before you snap their pictures.” Polite does not equate to eco-friendly. How about making sure when you leave home your air conditioning is turned off or your heat is turned down and your security lights are on a timer?

Why bother tlking about green travel? You obviously don’t care enough to learn the first thing about it. There is so much we can do to help the environment and teach our kids along the way. It’s not nice to green-wash.

August 8th, 2008
travelwitch says:

@ronny68b get over yourself. When you have something valuable to contribute via comments, just say it. you have a few good points in your comment that enhance and supplement the article, like turning down the A/C, taking a direct flight, and using green transportation. There’s no need to act like a troll. Maybe it makes you feel better? superior? good for your self-esteem, to call someone a greenwasher?


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