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Today is Blog Action Day 2009, and this year writers from all corners of the blogosphere are focusing on an issue that affects all corners of the world – climate change. While there are some skeptics out there, most of us acknowledge that global warming is a real concern, a ...
As the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin approaches (February 12 if you haven’t got it marked on your calendar), my mind turns to the Galapagos Islands, the birthplace of his revolutionary evolutionary ideas. I had the privilege to live in the Galapagos for a few months back in 2001, about ...

Tips for an eco-conscious family holiday

Regardless of where you and your family lie on the eco-spectrum, here are some earth-wise practices to commit to and instill in your globetrotting kid(s): Choose destinations that aren’t overdeveloped or overcrowded. Stay on marked trails – off-roading may disturb plants, animals and habitats. Never feed, chase ...

Volunteer vacations make travel meaningful

Exploring the globe through do-good ventures is not just for idealistic college students, philanthropic church groups or Brangelina anymore. A growing number of families are seeking worthwhile projects, expeditions and experiential opportunities around the world to donate their time and energy to. And what they get ...

Careful research is vital when choosing green holidays

Take only photos, leave only footprints – then offset your carbon ones. These are some of the mantras of ecotourism, one of the fastest growing segments in travel today. Family travelers in particular are seeking more environmentally friendly experiences around the world, which ...