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I was just diving into some research for a post on kids’ travel toys and activities when I stumbled upon a company that puts together great compact yet comprehensive kits for this purpose – TravelKiddy. Now, there are quite a lot of travel packs for children out there in ...
We all know that flying with small children has its ups and downs (no pun intended). It’s hard to keep energetic little ones entertained for hours when confined to a cramped seat. The issue is further compounded by the two to three hours lag time waiting at the airport before ...
It’s a fact right up there with death and taxes. If you’re going to be venturing out for more than an hour or two with your kids, sooner or later you’re going to have to find a place to pee. Young children don’t often clue in that nature is calling ...
There have been several recent surveys that enumerate how loath the general flying public is to sitting near children on planes. One found a whopping 86% of respondents wanting family travelers to be sequestered to a special kiddie section (read far away from them). Maybe they’re on to ...
I guess it’s official. It’s been surveyed, quantified and statistically proven – the general flying public would rather not put up with kids on planes, thank you very much. After all, young humans can be such a nuisance. They’re messy, and noisy, and unpredictable and frankly not welcome. They tend ...