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The first birthday is a milestone in the lives of children and parents. While the young child might not understand the concept of a birthday party, parents recognize the significance and take measures to celebrate the first year of life. Having a few party ideas in mind will make it ...
There have been several recent surveys that enumerate how loath the general flying public is to sitting near children on planes. One found a whopping 86% of respondents wanting family travelers to be sequestered to a special kiddie section (read far away from them). Maybe they’re on to ...
I guess it’s official. It’s been surveyed, quantified and statistically proven – the general flying public would rather not put up with kids on planes, thank you very much. After all, young humans can be such a nuisance. They’re messy, and noisy, and unpredictable and frankly not welcome. They tend ...

Gear rental and luggage forwarding ease the burdens of family travel

The logistics of traveling with children can be more than a little daunting. It’s not necessarily the kids themselves (that’s a whole other issue), but the entourage of equipment, supplies, gear and paraphernalia that comes with them. Sure, you can try ...

Road trip tips for your baby's first year

Babies can make surprisingly good car companions. Unlike older children, babies have yet to enter the whiny “are we there yet” stage, plus they won’t try to dictate the soundtrack on the road (brace yourself for years of kiddie tunes). The baby can lie ...