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Today is Blog Action Day 2009, and this year writers from all corners of the blogosphere are focusing on an issue that affects all corners of the world – climate change. While there are some skeptics out there, most of us acknowledge that global warming is a real concern, a ...
Now you can feel good about eating bad at Disneyland. This week, five Disneyland Railroad trains began running on biodiesel produced from the resort’s used cooking oil. So while you’re fueling you and your kids’ bodies with food from the deep fryer, know that you’re helping fuel the trains with ...

Tips for an eco-conscious family holiday

Regardless of where you and your family lie on the eco-spectrum, here are some earth-wise practices to commit to and instill in your globetrotting kid(s): Choose destinations that aren’t overdeveloped or overcrowded. Stay on marked trails – off-roading may disturb plants, animals and habitats. Never feed, chase ...