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Here’s Part 2 offering more tips for keeping your kids safe and healthy on a cruise. Rock-a-bye boat The only thing worse than suffering from seasickness is watching your child succumb to it. What was supposed to be a fun-filled family cruise turns into a nightmare of nausea as your wannabe-sailor is ...
Cruising is hardly a high-risk family vacation. Over a million children set sail each year and while the vast majority return unscathed, mishaps large and small do happen. A little forethought and some common sense precautions can go a long way in avoiding oopsies and illnesses that can give you ...
We’re knee-deep into this year’s hurricane season (officially June 1 to November 30), and it’s a doozy. It seems every time you turn on the news there’s another storm heading across the Atlantic in all its swirling fury. Seeing images of Ike’s destruction doesn’t exactly beckon one to bundle the ...

A pre-departure checklist for traveling families

A lot of prep work goes into taking a trip, especially when kids are involved. Sorry to say, it’s not over once you’ve finished packing. How you leave your house is important, too. There are safety and security issues to contend with, plus you’ll need ...

Vigiliance is vital as infants begin to explore their world

Infants are pretty stationary creatures. Place one in a safe spot under your watchful eye and you can be pretty confident he or she will remain unscathed. However, by the six-month mark, your little one will discover the joy of hands and ...