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Sipadan Island is famous in the SCUBA world because it remains one of the most pristine underwater adventures on the planet. This is the destination for those who want to see the astonishing views and vividly colored fish usually only found ...
Cyprus is known as the ‘island of love’ because it’s said to be the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. So unsurprisingly, the island is a popular destination for couples, especially those on their honeymoon. But every year thousands of families travel to Cyprus on holiday. That may seem a ...
Aimie O'Shaughnessy, editor of the wonderful Ciao Bambino, recently tapped my shoulder to write a guest post for their Paris Week feature. It doesn't take much to convince me to reminisce about my family's summer in Paris. That city has a way of gripping you and seeping into your soul ...
Bored of the beach? Tired of the ski hills? Already visited the great cities, seven wonders and hotspots around the world? Here's a cure for the been-there-done-that blues: space travel! Yup, space tourism has finally become a reality where regular folk like you and I can blast off beyond the stratosphere, ...
If there's one region of France that is brimming with kid-appeal it's the Loire valley, just a few hours southwest of Paris. This is classic castle country, and what child can resist peeking into the bedchambers, poking around the dungeons and dancing in the ball rooms where kings, queens and noblemen ...