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It's hard to imagine how we ever organized a family holiday in the past without our smartphones! Smartphones — and in particualr the iPhone — have become our guide books, maps, translators, booking engines and road toys all in one. Now if only they'd make an app to wipe kids' runny ...
In this shaky economic climate, many families have tightened their belts and shelved their annual spring break holidays. However, the travel industry has counteracted by offering deals, discounts, promotions and packages galore that are tempting many of us to be less fiscally prudent and to splurge on some memory-making, battery-recharging, ...
Now you can feel good about eating bad at Disneyland. This week, five Disneyland Railroad trains began running on biodiesel produced from the resort’s used cooking oil. So while you’re fueling you and your kids’ bodies with food from the deep fryer, know that you’re helping fuel the trains with ...
Is your family cruise curious? Now’s a good time to get your feet wet. To combat the economic downturn, many cruise lines are offering sweet deals to entice nouveaux-frugal passengers to the waters. How does “no charge for children” sound about now? Disney Cruise Line is offering ...
Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. Costumes, candy, and socially sanctioned spooky silliness – what’s not to love? As a child, deciding what to be for Halloween was almost as big a deal as deciding what to ask Santa for. Today’s kids look like they stepped off ...