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“Mom, there’s nothing to do! I’m bored.” Two months into a winter that was due to last longer than any of us wanted, regardless of what the groundhog had to say, we were all longing to throw open the front ...
In this shaky economic climate, many families have tightened their belts and shelved their annual spring break holidays. However, the travel industry has counteracted by offering deals, discounts, promotions and packages galore that are tempting many of us to be less fiscally prudent and to splurge on some memory-making, battery-recharging, ...
I can’t resist the opportunity to expose my children to cool customs from different countries. This week, we’ve been exploring Halloween and its many variations around the world. The origins of Halloween date back to pagan times, as a way to revel in the dark side before a holy day restored ...

Leave your worries behind at all-inclusive family resorts

In many ways, all-inclusive resorts are the ideal destination for family fun. Put away any preconceived notions you may have about cheesy, packaged holiday factories. These places have come a long way in recent years, with spruced-up facilities, specialized amenities and new programs that ...

Foolproof tips for family holidays in the sun and sand

Kids don't need a 5-star resort in order to enjoy a beach holiday. Ahhh, this is the classic vacation escape! Soft sand, turquoise waters and ...