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Create a safe environment for your vacation

By the six-month mark, your little one has discovered the joy of hands and how they can grab things and put them in mouths. Mobility becomes a factor. You can’t turn your back for a minute without the tyke rolling over, scooting forward or ...

Luggage capacity, weather are key issues

It takes a bit of forethought to decide what your toddler might need on a trip. Where you go, how you’re getting there, how long you’re going for, how much luggage you can carry, what the weather may be like and your access to laundry ...

Lots of tricks needed to keep tots amused

Alas, parents of toddlers can no longer rely on the baby stage when a rattle, a stuffed bunny and a peekaboo blanket could amuse for hours. Toddlers require constant stimulation and entertainment, a fact compounded by short attention spans, possessive streaks, fickle demeanors ...

Curious kids need careful attention!

By the preschool stage, your child is more able-bodied, more independent and has a better command of rules and expectations, but you can’t let down your guard in regards to child safety. Your precious one is particularly susceptible to mishaps when traveling due to the unfamiliar ...

Try this can't-miss kit for traveling babies

Your days of packing light are over. No matter where you are going, you’ll need the following diaper bag items handy and accessible, (ie. not in the car trunk or cargo hold): An extra outfit or two for the baby – think comfort and washability ...