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Gear rental and luggage forwarding ease the burdens of family travel

The logistics of traveling with children can be more than a little daunting. It’s not necessarily the kids themselves (that’s a whole other issue), but the entourage of equipment, supplies, gear and paraphernalia that comes with them. Sure, you can try ...

What to look for in a baby backpack, carrier or sling

Nobody likes to be put down, but some babies take that literally. Newborns crave the warmth, smell, closeness, rhythmic heartbeat and motion of a parent, perhaps as an attempt to recreate the womb. Baby wearing can help settle a fussy newborn, ...

Try this can't-miss kit for traveling babies

Your days of packing light are over. No matter where you are going, you’ll need the following diaper bag items handy and accessible, (ie. not in the car trunk or cargo hold): An extra outfit or two for the baby – think comfort and washability ...
 One of the first pieces of baby equipment you acquire on your journey as a new parent is a diaper bag. If you ever plan to leave the house, you need some kind of tote to schlep all the necessary supplies and incidentals you might need for the little one ...

Plenty of luggage options for traveling families

However and wherever you go, family travel entails schlepping some supplies from A to B. As an adult, you can conceivably lighten your load by minimizing your must-bring list to the bare essentials. With kids in tow, it’s not that easy – you’ll never ...