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Ed. Note: This is a guest post contributed by Michele Hakakha and Ari Brown, authors of the new book Expecting 411: Clear Answers & Smart Advice for Your Pregnancy. Learn more at the end of this post.   Pregnancy certainly affects the lives ...
Dads be forewarned. It’s becoming an obligatory trend – once you get your partner knocked up, you owe them a romantic vacation getaway before the two of you become three. A pre-kid holiday is a perfect “last hurrah” for couples to relax, bond and enjoy time alone together before junior arrives ...

Cruise holiday can be a relaxing treat for pregnant travelers

If you’re a first-time cruiser, being pregnant might not be the best time to head out on the high seas. Some people are more prone to seasickness than others, and now’s probably not the best time to find out if you’re ...

Plan plenty of breaks during car trips while pregnant

There’s a romantic old adage about travel being more about the journey than the destination. Well, that doesn’t really apply to pregnant women on car trips. Being cooped up in a vehicle for hours at a time can be uncomfortable for anyone, but ...

Tips for worry-free air travel when pregnant

Follow these suggestions to ensure the safety of both mom and unborn child while flying during your pregnancy: Pack Light Porters are an endangered species and you can never count on finding a luggage cart (or correct change for one) when you really need one, so ...