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Babymoon Bliss
By Catherine | | No Comments

Dads be forewarned. It’s becoming an obligatory trend – once you get your partner knocked up, you owe them a romantic vacation getaway before the two of you become three.

A pre-kid holiday is a perfect “last hurrah” for couples to relax, bond and enjoy time alone together before junior arrives and pretty much changes everything.

These so-called “babymoons” have become a booming business in recent years. The luxury market in particular has jumped on the babymoon bandwagon, offering a wide range of creative packages for parents-to-be. They’re a wonderful opportunity for impending moms and dads to indulge in some well deserved pampering, enjoy some peace and quiet and focus on couple-time (soon to be in short supply). Whether you go for a week or just an overnighter, hop on a plane or just drive downtown, there’s something to appeal to every taste, budget and gender.

Check out a local inn, B&B or spa/resort and see if they offer a babymoon package. Often these include couple-centric treats like prenatal massages for her and stress-relief therapy for him. Spa services may include facials to preserve “that glow” and pedicures to relieve swollen feet (handy, as mom probably can’t reach her toes anymore).

“Womb service” may deliver craving-inspired meals (pickles and ice cream anyone?) and breakfast in bed. Baby-inspired gift baskets and chauffeur-driven baby shopping excursions may also be part of the package. Some even sponsor seminars on prenatal and postnatal care to make it both a relaxing and informative escape for the couple.

Many prospective parents schedule a babymoon in their second trimester, after the nausea of the first trimester wanes and the relative immobility of the third trimester is yet to come. Try not to go too far afield the closer you get to your due date. Rest and relaxation should be the primary goal and being stuck in a car or in transit at an airport is unnecessary wear and tear on both body and mind. Remember, don’t try to pack in too much activity and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Before you go, make sure you have researched the nearest medical facilities where you are going, should you need care. Ensure you have adequate health insurance if you’re going out of country – sometimes pregnancy is an excluded condition, so check the fine print on the policy to see if you’re covered. Bring your obstetrician or midwife’s phone number with you, just in case.

Recently, the term babymoon has been expanded to include postnatal getaways as well. Hotels, resorts, spas, inns and cruise ships are designing packages for a first trip with your new bundle of joy – can’t guarantee how much rest and relaxation you’ll get with a newborn in the room, but you might be able to squeeze in some alone-time if you’re ready to take advantage of child care services offered. For those who are ready to leave junior with the grandparents, some babymoons are designed as couples-only escapes to help you recover from the shock of parenthood (something you never fully recover from).


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