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In this shaky economic climate, many families have tightened their belts and shelved their annual spring break holidays. However, the travel industry has counteracted by offering deals, discounts, promotions and packages galore that are tempting many of us to be less fiscally prudent and to splurge on some memory-making, battery-recharging, ...
Looking for a Disney deal? How does 7 nights for the price of 4 sound? Airlines, hotels and tourist destinations around the world are getting creative with ways to tempt belt-tightening travelers to venture forth despite the abysmal economy, and Disney is no exception. If you thought their free ...
Having completed its maiden voyage this August, Nickelodeon is teaming up with Royal Caribbean yet again for some more kid-themed cruises. It seems Nick is trying to give Disney a run for its money by dabbling into the family travel market with a hotel, ...
 It happened by accident, really. I’m like a pig to truffles when it comes to sniffing out travel bargains, so when I caught wind of a too-good-to-pass up deal at a local hotel (two nights for under $100!) we just had to do it. My husband, two daughters and ...

Don't rely on children's menus to keep your tot fed

Ideally by the preschool years you’ve instilled some sense of table manners in your child, but despite your best efforts chances are there is still room for improvement. 3-to-5-year-olds are loathe to sit still and feign politeness for more than 20-minute ...