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Do you want to “do it all” on your first trip to Disney World? Hmm ….that’s not too likely. Walt Disney World is so enormous that first-time visitors are often overwhelmed. And while I’d never deny that the big deal attractions are indeed a big deal, there’s a lot more ...
Looking for a Disney deal? How does 7 nights for the price of 4 sound? Airlines, hotels and tourist destinations around the world are getting creative with ways to tempt belt-tightening travelers to venture forth despite the abysmal economy, and Disney is no exception. If you thought their free ...
Disney World is not the kind of family travel destination where you just “wing it” or go with the flow. There are simply too many line-ups, reservation considerations, transportation issues and potential snafus that can suck up the day. If you’re trying to squeeze things into a visit of one ...
Hurry! Several Disney Resorts in Orlando are slashing their room prices up to 40% for certain dates this fall. With rates as low as $59, your family can stay at a value resort on site and enjoy significant perks like extra magic hours (each day one park opens an hour early ...