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Must-do reminders for international travel with children

If you’re taking your child across the border, make sure you have a passport and any necessary visas arranged well ahead of time. Check with your travel agent, airline, or better yet, the embassy of the country you are visiting for details. Visit your pediatrician ...

Avoid disappointment by doing research before your trip

Whether you travel by land, air or sea, there are cases when an immigration officer at the border or port can authorize you and your family entry into the country right then and there. Other times you need pre-approved clearance arranged ahead of ...

Rules are changing, so make sure you do your homework early

They say less than a third of Americans hold a passport. Maybe it’s because the powers that be don’t make it an easy process – keeping up with the ever-changing rules and regulations is as labor intensive as giving birth. The ...

Tips for avoiding last-minute passport snafus

It’s worthwhile having a valid passport on hand for everyone in the family, as you never know when or where a foreign trip will beckon. While some countries still permit a child to be listed on a parent’s document, most nationalities require all minors – ...

Be mindful of visa restrictions, medical issues while abroad

While your instincts might tempt you to stick close to home at this time, foreign travel is not out of the question while pregnant. Business trips happen, family obligations call, pleasure jaunts beckon. A little forethought, care and calculation of risk are ...