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Crossing Borders

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Must-do reminders for international travel with children

  • If you’re taking your child across the border, make sure you have a passport and any necessary visas arranged well ahead of time. Check with your travel agent, airline, or better yet, the embassy of the country you are visiting for details.

  • Visit your pediatrician a month or so in advance to make sure you’re little one is fit for the trip. Contact the Traveler’s Health department of the CDC (www.cdc.gov) for information on any recommended medications, insect repellants or mandatory immunizations for travel to that location.

  • If you and your child will be off exploring the developing world, brush up on food and health safety tips recommended for that area. For example, don’t let your child drink the local tap water (including ice cubes and tooth brushing rinses). Ensure milk products have been pasteurized. All produce should be well cooked or peeled. Meat should be freshly cooked and hot (avoid street vendor food). Dehydration and diarrhea can be serious conditions for children, so take the necessary steps to avoid them.

      NOTE: If your child is traveling out of the country with just one parent, bring a signed, notarized note from the non-traveling parent authorizing the traveling parent to cross the border with your child. A divorce decree or death certificate may also be required.


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