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UK for Families: Use London As Your Base for Exploring English Countryside
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Millions of visitors descend on central London every year from other continents and totally diverse cultures. Their aim while in the United Kingdom is often to experience a variety of British lifestyles, to see the cultural side of the country, to see as many important cities and towns as possible during their visit and to try to live in the style of a ‘Londoner’.

Many opt to stay in the capital itself and make it their base for travelling around the UK. Probably the most sought after area in London, for foreign visitors, is the glamorous and chic borough of Chelsea, home to many rich and famous people and well-known designer shops.

With Chelsea being so close to the hub of the capital, Central London hotels are incredibly expensive and can often only offer short-term accommodation options. An excellent alternative could be apartments in London, which can offer a totally different experience and a much more flexible approach or better still, Chelsea apartments.

Chelsea apartments can offer visitors a whole new world. Serviced apartment guests usually opt to stay for longer periods than guests in central London hotels. Therefore, the running costs of apartments in London are significantly lower than equivalent central London hotels in the same area. This is reflected in the price of an apartment and coupled with the fact that travel links around the UK are on the doorstep makes them a very viable option.

After London, the ‘Top 5′ most visited major UK cities are Manchester (football), Birmingham (the ‘Capital of the Midlands’), Liverpool (The Beatles and 60s culture), Oxford and Cambridge (universities and culture). All of these places have either direct rail links or main road routes out of London and are extremely popular with visitors from Japan and other Asian countries.

After seeing the sights of London, visitors from the United States generally like to see more heritage and therefore opt to visit the older towns or cities within the UK. One of the most popular destinations is Stratford-upon-Avon, birthplace of William Shakespeare and home to the Shakespeare Theatre. Nottingham is also well visited, due to its beautiful castle and connections with the famous outlaw Robin Hood.

The city of Bath is renowned for its Roman architecture, especially the spa ‘baths’ which are served by natural spring water. Most are still open to visitors, either for viewing (at certain times) or, in some cases, still available for actual bathing. Another well-visited place is the South Coast town of Brighton which still retains its original pier, beach huts and its status as a quaint seaside venue. In reality, Brighton is now a lively nightclub venue, much favored by both the gay and naturist communities.

Potentially, as a foreign visitor to London, the best-ever experience could be staying in one of many newly built Chelsea apartments. Right in the centre of the very richest and most elite part of the UK’s capital city, but with easy access to other major cities and areas with cultural heritage galore.

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