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Travelling to Australia With Kids
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Getting on a flight to Sydney is an exciting prospect for most people, yet families might view such prospects with some consternation. After all, being locked up in a plane for 13 hours with a bunch of screaming kids is a major challenge – so how do you keep your kids occupied for such a long period of time?

The good thing is that technology is on your side – over the past few years airplanes have added amazing entertainment systems that are kitted out for kids. There are tons of great movies on offer with lots of titles targeted towards families; movies can definitely help you take care of a good few hours.

In-air entertainment systems these days also have games built-in – these video games are lots of fun and will be great for kids without personal gaming systems. Of course your life will be a lot easier if you just pick up an iPod or an iPad which will allow your little one to play tons of fun games all flight long.

You can use things aside from technology to keep your children happy en route. Board games, toys and books are all viable ways to entertain kids. You can normally pick up these games at the airport, where shops specialise in selling easily movable entertainment.

This form of entertainment can only take you so far, as on a 13-hour flight your children will get awfully antsy. So take them on walks up and down the aisle to keep them from getting overly hyper, and don’t let them drink sugared drinks and eat candy that will get them too hyped up. Maybe, you’ll get lucky and convince them to get some sleep!

When you finally touch down in Melbourne or Sydney, make sure you have an exit plan. You don’t want to have to deal with cranky kids in a busy airport, so catch a taxi straight to your hotel or jump on a shuttle. Both Melbourne and Sydney airports have buses which will take you into the city without any hassle. When you get to your hotel you can collapse with relief, having survived in epic plane ride with your little ones.


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