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Traveling with a Teething Tot

By Catherine | | No Comments

Several remedies available to ease young one’s discomfort

Cutting a tooth affects each child differently. For some it’s a non-event, for other’s it’s a painful ordeal accompanied by drooling, discomfort, cranky moods and sleepless nights – not exactly what you want to deal with when you’re away from home.

Teething typically starts around 4 to 7 months old, but symptoms can start well before the first pearly white pokes through. Make sure you pack a teething ring for your baby to gum on. If you can cool it in a fridge or on ice, all the better. Teething biscuits, while messy, can keep a tot otherwise occupied which can help distract him or her from any oral discomfort.

No parent wants their baby suffer under the strain of teething, but particularly so when in transit on a plane, en route in a car or when staying with family or friends. Topical teething gels offer instant relief, however as the baby’s saliva washes it away this is only a fleeting, temporary solution.

Some parents swear by homeopathic remedies such as Hyland’s Teething Tablets. Others offer acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Please consult your doctor for proper dosages for babies under one year of age.


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