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Sipadan Island is famous in the SCUBA world because it remains one of the most pristine underwater adventures on the planet. This is the destination for those who want to see the astonishing views and vividly colored fish usually only found ...

Ocean attractions a highlight of island vacation

Let’s face it, the ocean is the main attraction for most families visiting an island like Barbados. With a surface area of only 166 square miles, if it’s not the coastline you’re after, you’ve probably picked the wrong destination. Whether you’re on it, in it ...

Top 20 things to look for

Let’s face it, traveling with children can be stressful. Trying to keep all ages well fed, rested and entertained on a trip is a tall order whether you’re dealing with toddlers or teens. And, despite best intentions, rest and relaxation are rarely part of the ...
Water, water everywhere… Los Angeles may be flanked by miles and miles of glorious Pacific coastline, but sadly most of its beaches are not really suitable for young children’s water play. Chilly temperatures, pounding waves and poor water quality cross many a beach off the “recommended” list....

Leave your worries behind at all-inclusive family resorts

In many ways, all-inclusive resorts are the ideal destination for family fun. Put away any preconceived notions you may have about cheesy, packaged holiday factories. These places have come a long way in recent years, with spruced-up facilities, specialized amenities and new programs that ...