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Tips for Responsible Travel

These lessons should last a lifetime!

Families today are more environmentally aware and eco-sensitive than ever before. Help instill these values in your children by following these simple rules for responsible travel.

  • Choose destinations that aren’t overdeveloped or overcrowded.
  • Stay on marked trails – off-roading may disturb plants, animals and habitats.
  • Never feed, chase or touch wildlife or marine animals.
  • Don’t litter or take any natural souvenirs (rocks, coral, leaves etc.).
  • Learn about the area you are visiting – read up on the geography, history, biodiversity, customs and culture there.
  • Support local festivals and events – help preserve traditions and bolster the cultural integrity of the region.
  • Respect people’s privacy – ask before you snap their pictures.
  • Do not purchase souvenirs made from endangered plants and animals (tortoise shells, ivory, feathers, skins etc.).
  • Patronize locally run restaurants, lodgings, tours, shops and services.
  • Contribute to conservation organizations with time and/or money.
  • Use e-tickets wherever possible to cut down on paper useage.
  • Seek out lodging that uses energy efficient lighting, recycling bins, low flow pluming and gray water systems, linen reusing programs, alternative energy sources and other environmentally conscious practices.
  • Choose ecotourism products that create economic opportunities for the local communities.
  • Celebrate biological and cultural diversity.
  • Support National Parks – help preserve sensitive areas so that future generations can enjoy them.


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