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Handle With Care!

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Travel safely when using baby carriers

Baby backpacks, slings and pouches are wonderfully versatile, but they can present unexpected risks for parent and child as well.

Keep these tips in mind as you lug your loved ones around!

  • Never use a baby carrier when traveling in a moving vehicle, including an airplane. You may think carrier will keep your lap-sitting child secure, but it’s not recommended – in fact, it’s outright prohibited on some airlines.
  • Be cautious when reaching for and lifting heavy objects like suitcases and other travel paraphernalia. Your center of gravity is altered when you have your child in a carrier, sling or backpack, so don’t risk a topple or strain your back unnecessarily.
  • Always bend at the knees and take it easy. You’re already carrying the most precious cargo – let someone else do other heavy lifting.
  • One final caveat: Tempting as it is, don’t drink hot beverages while wearing your baby – spills happen at all ages.


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