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Australia For Budget-Minded Families
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The glorious Gold Coast of the east. The towering Uluru in the arid centre. The glittering marine life of Queensland. The bustling streets and elegant architecture of Sydney.

No doubt about it — Australia is a country with endless appeal to tourists. And that includes families who want to get an authentic Down Under experience without breaking the bank.

With its large distances between cities, long-haul last-minute flights and protected wildlife and reserves, Australia can be an extremely expensive place to have fun in. But cost should not be something to put off families traveling to the land of Oz.

To help you out, here are our tips on how to have the time of your life while traveling on a budget in Australia.

1. Travel
The best place to find cheap flights to Australia is online — eschew the high street for websites such as DialAFlight. Using less time, you can easily compare prices for your flights and find some brilliant last-minute deals through your computer.

As for traveling cross country, depending on your party, many travelers now opt for self-drive. Camper vans are becoming an extremely popular and economical way to conduct journeys through the vast continent. You can rent them for a few hundred Australian dollars.

2. Adventure
Whether you are terrified of the water or a walking fish, you will not be able to resist having a dive in the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. The multicolored reefs and shoals of fish are not to be missed — but gaining a diving qualification in order to see them can cost time and money.

For those who know they’re going to dive, it can save you time and money while you’re out there if you take a PADI (diving proficiency) course in the UK. These can be undertaken at anytime of year, and prepare you with all the necessary underwater lingo and equipment knowledge.

Once you get out there, if you’re with the kids, stay close to areas that have snorkeling too.

3. Eating
Aussies eat big — blame the fresh air and huge amounts of outdoor activity — so don’t be afraid to under-order here. What is more, eating outdoors is an activity in itself. It’s Australian summer time during our winter, which means things get very hot, crowded and busy — and expensive in restaurants. It’s easy to use public barbecues instead — or buy your own disposables, along with a bottle of Australian wine.


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