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Add Ski Classes to Your Next Family Getaway
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Teaching your children a new sport can be one of the most rewarding activities in the world, especially if it is a sport which you enjoy.

As winter draws near there has never been a better time to teach your children how to ski and the options are endless. By taking your children on a ski holiday to Austria or France, you will be able to coach your kids on the baby slopes and spend the afternoons talking to them about their morning lessons.

Whether you enrol your little monsters in ski lessons or take on the task yourself, children generally take to the slopes with relative ease. It may take them a while to get used to their boots and skis, but in the long run this is a skill that will never leave them. To help them get used to their boots you can walk around with them whilst they are wearing the cumbersome, unfamiliar footgear. You can even pull them along the baby slopes whilst they are wearing the skis, as this will help them gain confidence on skis.

All major resorts run ski camps for younger children, but ski holidays to Austria offer some of the best children’s ski facilities in the world. Filzmoos in particular is a great place to take your children, with gentle nursery slopes, which are conveniently placed close to the village. These slopes are ideal for beginners and are located at the bottom of a chairlift. This resort also has an enchanting atmosphere with opportunities to take horse-drawn carriages and take part in many other activities.

Once your children have had a few lessons you may even be able to take them out on the slopes, but make sure you are always in contact with them. Whether you ask them to hold on to your pole or you ski behind them, so that you are able to pick them up when they fall down.

In the end, whether you teach your children to ski or help them whilst they have classes, skiing is an excellent family sport and one which they will be able to continue throughout their lives.

May 2nd, 2012
Karen says:

Based on those flags, they may live in CANADA, SWEDEN, SWITZERLAND, or GREECE.Also, the last flag is either AUSTRIA or LATVIA. Both look siilmar.I would guess SWEDEN, based on the Skis and fur blanket. But its likely not GREECE!


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