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Good news for flight-bound sippy cups. It seems the TSA’s 3-1-1 rule is going to be slowly phased out through 2009. Sophisticated X-ray machines are being installed in 900 major airports that can detect the difference between, say, your toddler’s apple juice and potentially explosive liquids it could also detect ...
I guess it’s official. It’s been surveyed, quantified and statistically proven – the general flying public would rather not put up with kids on planes, thank you very much. After all, young humans can be such a nuisance. They’re messy, and noisy, and unpredictable and frankly not welcome. They tend ...
Fasten your seat belts as the airline industry continues to nosedive. Less than three weeks after the collapse of Canadian budget airline Zoom, the UK’s XL Airways has gone bust. Over 85,000 passengers – including plenty of thrifty family travelers - have been left stranded in ...