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Try a kid-friendly holiday apartment rental
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Imagine my situation: a solo parent with two energetic teenagers in tow, cooped up together for a week of sightseeing in New York City during the high heat of summer. If that sounds more like punishment than a holiday, here’s how we made it work last summer.

While browsing online for affordable rentals, another option presented itself: apartment rentals. On a whim, we chose an upper west side condo building that had been converted to short-term rentals. For roughly the price of a moderate hotel room, we got two bedrooms, a living room and kitchenette, fully equipped with all the necessary appliances.

The kids got their own room, we saved money by using the kitchenette for light snacks and meals, and I enjoyed a relatively trouble-free holiday with the teens. For the life of me, I can’t imagine why I didn’t look into holiday apartment rentals before!

Traveling with children can be a stressful time for parents, from packing and ensuring all the essentials are remembered to keeping the little ones entertained throughout the journey. Choosing child-friendly accommodation is a great way of ensuring that the needs of families with children young and old are looked after so that arriving at your destination is a welcome relief.

Parents often need to consider aspects such as space, accessibility and safety when looking for places to stay.

In large cities, there are a variety of hotels which vary in terms of price and location, but the majority are suitable for families. Many offer larger rooms or suites to cater for those traveling with children and afford space for extra beds or cots. On-site restaurants and cafes are a convenient way of feeding the family without having to leave the site.

Apartments are becoming a popular choice of accommodation when staying in a city and for a party which includes children provides space and convenience. Accommodation providers such as www.citybaseapartments.com have properties available with separate living and bedroom space, allowing parents to relax during the evening without having to fumble around in darkness trying not to wake the children.

Having access to kitchen facilities like kettles and microwaves are often essential when catering for special diets that babies in particular require. Close proximity to local amenities is ideal for picking up last minute essentials and dining out in child friendly establishments. Apartments combine the best of both worlds in terms of private and communal space and catering and restaurant facilities.

No matter where families choose to stay, it is particularly useful when equipment such as cots, highchairs and bed guards are provided in the accommodation.

Safety considerations are also paramount. Families benefit from accommodation which provides parking with secure access to keep children safe from city center traffic and assist them with moving luggage. Working lifts are a necessity especially when staying with babies who are in pushchairs.

There are many types of accommodation, including many city base apartments, which offer great facilities to keep both children and parents happy. Entertaining children in a busy cosmopolitan city is equally as important as the provision of space and safety. Televisions and gaming consoles are a sure fire way of occupying all ages. Swimming pools are ideal as are play areas and for parents, even access to babysitting services give them a chance to enjoy some adult time while the kids are settled and being well cared for.

July 9th, 2011
Madison Properties says:

When we talk about kid-friendly, we not only talk about the safety but also the accessibility and convenience of the apartment amenities.They should cater to both kids and teenagers alike. This way they get a real treat of a holiday.


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