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Match the ship's personality to your teenager's interests

Reality check – most teenagers don’t relish the idea of a cruise vacation entailing 24/7 togetherness with Mom and Dad or, egads, their younger siblings. They’re going to want to go their own way, at least part of the time (a win-win proposition for ...

How to help your teens have a safe (but fun) cruise vacation

In many ways, a cruise vacation is an ideal setting for independence-seeking tweens or teens. Old enough to be let off the leash a bit, they are often free to roam within the perimeters of the floating resort. After ...

Tips for traveling with teens and 'tweens

Around the time kids hit the double digits, it’s like a switch is flipped. Suddenly traveling with parents is kind of lame. Passing the time with arts and crafts is passé. Hotel kids’ programs are, like, bogus. Suggesting a family car game of I ...