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Gift Guide for Young Travelers
By Catherine | | No Comments

The big day is less than a week away – are you still searching for some last-minute gifts and stocking stuffers? Here are a few ideas for kids who travel.

Li'l Lewis Kids Travel Pillow
Li’l Lewis Kids Travel Pillows. Part cuddly plush toy, part comfy neck pillow, these critters will cradle your little one’s head in the car, plane, train or home. Animals include gorilla, hippo, giraffe, dinosaur, pig, cow, ladybug, frog and bumblebee.

Trunki. Do you ever feel like you’re dragging your kid through the airport or train station – well, now you can literally do so without complaint from the drag-ee.
Trunki is a brilliant combo carry-on case and ride-on toy for traveling children. It’s a lightweight yet heavy-duty cabin-sized wheeled suitcase that holds 5 gallons of stuff, with a teddy-bear seatbelt (ie internal straps), a secret compartment and a special passport inside to give it extra kid-appeal. It comes in green, blue, pink or limited edition cow print. It’ll make the wait time in the departure lounge fly by.

Melissa and Doug Flip to Win Travel Games. What’s a road trip or plane flight without classic travel games to help pass the time? These sturdy wooden games have all pieces firmly attached, so there’s no dropping or losing bits half way through the journey. They may not be the most compact, lightweight options out there, but they will last for years. Try Travel Bingo, Hangman, Bear Hunt, Memory or 4-In-A-Row.

Barefoot Books “My Travel Journal”. Inspire them to be more observant and reflective on their trips with this activity-filled travel journal. It includes question prompts for before, during and after the journey (I imagine the place I am going will be… The most unusual thing I see is… New foods I didn’t like were…). There are also places to draw pictures, plus travel-themed word searches, crosswords, mazes and more.

World Traveler Dress Up Doll

World Traveler Magnetic Dress-up Doll
. This tin box contains mix-and-match dolls, clothes, accessories and background images to entertain your globally-curious child for hours of imaginative play. Easy to pack and store magnetic pieces let your little one explore the culture, customs and languages of Mexico, India, Japan, Germany, Hawaii and Kenya.

Giggle Bug Toddler Tracker
Giggle Bug Toddler Tracker. If you need a little help keeping tabs on your little wanderer – especially at busy airports, tempting beaches and crowded tourist attractions – this beeper may give you added peace of mind. Clip the cute bug onto your child’s clothes and it will flash/beep when you press the parent’s button up to a 100-150 ft range. With the Kid Finder Plus, you can set the range proximity sensor to activate when your child strays beyond your comfort zone. It’s no substitute for supervision, but it can be an extra layer of precaution with all the distractions of travel.

Color Pals
Color Pals. What parent hasn’t had to stoop down on an airplane, crawl under a restaurant table or reach around the car floor to retrieve a dropped crayon for a budding artist in the midst of a creation? This ingenious toy attaches eight crayons to the legs of a cute caterpillar, octopus or spider so they won’t go astray (unless, of course, they drop the whole thing – but that’s a lot easier to locate). Each Color Pal includes the crayons and an activity book.


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