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Favorite Family Travel Websites
By Catherine | | 11 Comments

There’s a prevailing attitude in some circles that kids and travel don’t mix. They claim it’s disruptive for children, exhausting for mom and dad, annoying for other travelers and unnecessarily budget-busting. Stay home, they urge, and leave the worldly adventures to grown-ups who can better appreciate them.

Well, I’m happy to report that not everybody feels that way. Some of us parents are downright passionate about exposing our kids to new places, cultures and experiences near and far from home. We consider travel to be a vital part of educating a new generation of global citizens, not to mention creating memories that bond us as a family. Some of us actually believe bringing the children enhances the journey. Can it be disruptive, exhausting and annoying? You betcha! But it’s so worth it.

Here are 20 recommended websites and blogs devoted to the subject of family travel, each with its own voice and approach from the practical to the humorous. Dig around and gather a little wisdom, inspiration and commiseration from other parents who dare to travel with their kids.

Backpack to Buggy
Love the name. This blog focuses on that jarring life transition from “independent traveler” to “new parent” who still wants to explore the world, reassuring us that it’s different but doable.

Delicious Baby
This is one of the most popular family travel sites out there. Debbie focuses on trips with babies and younger children in the noble pursuit of fun. Great kid-friendly detail in the city guides.

Family Travel Logue
Sheila shares lots of practical tips on all aspects of traveling with kids and teenagers with a witty, no-nonsense tone. I especially like her weekly roundup of links on the topic from across the web that gives a good cross-section of what’s out there in the blogosphere.

Jet With Kids
Like the name says, this website is all about flying with children, from passport requirements to ear-pain relief and product reviews.

Kids Can Travel
This is a clean, clear and comprehensive site with descent global coverage on destinations and attractions around the world. I love their children’s book recommendations for different locales.

Kids Go Global

I enjoy reading the perspectives of this mom who continues to travel with her toddler to such places as Honduras, Buenos Aires and the Canadian Rockies. Good rundown on essential travel gear for little ones.

Little Nomads
This website offers a good array of travel news, reviews and deals to help you plan your family vacation.

Perrin Post
Wendy Perrin, a renowned writer/editor for Conde Nast Traveler, takes a friendly, informal approach to her blog, divulging insider tips and breaking deals while weaving in her personal experiences globetrotting with her husband and two sons.

Soul Travelers 3
This engaging and inspiring blog is from a family that’s three years into a slow-paced, open-ended world tour – on a budget of 25K per annum! The video montage of their 7 year-old daughter playing the violin in various settings around the globe has generated quite a buzz for this blog.

Taking the Kids
Syndicated travel writer Eileen Ogintz serves up suggestions, practicalities and hot deals for traveling with children, covering topics like cruises and theme parks.

The Mother of All Trips
Mara Gorman has a fresh and friendly writing style as she passionately blogs about travels with her two boys. I especially love her Mondays Are For Dreaming posts where she waxes on her wish list of “someday” destinations.

Traveling Mamas
Four moms based around the US blog about vacationing with – and without – the kids. Each “mama” has a distinctive voice and friendly personality that shines through as they talk about tips, destinations, news and reviews.

Travels With Baby
Mom of three Shelly Rivoli literally wrote the book on the traveling with a baby. She writes about planning and executing family-friendly trips and the products that can make life on the road with a wee one easier.

Two and a Half Travelers
This blog focuses on successful vacations before and after having a child. If you’re looking for some babymoon inspiration, this is the blog for you.

Two Kids and a Map
Also known as Heading North After Naptime, I like reading these ramblings from a mom who hasn’t let having two kids slow her traveling spirit down.

Wander Mom
Michelle Duffy brings the parents’ perspective to Wanderlust and Lipstick, a site devoted to women and travel.

We Just Got Back
This is a great go-to site full of useful info on planning a value-conscious family trip. I love their “deal or no deal” posts where they cut through the sales hype and debunk some of the travel specials out there.

And, of course, don’t forget Have Kids Will Travel!
I’m a Canadian born, Caribbean based mother of two American girls with a passion for travel and international living. Having lived in 9 countries on 5 continents and traveled through 35 countries both pre- and post-kids, I’ve amassed a little knowledge and perspective on the subject that I love to share with my readers.

If you know of any other good blogs or websites in the family travel niche, add them in the comments below.

March 31st, 2009
Suzanne Young says:

I recommend a 21st… Ciao Bambino (http://www.ciaobambino.com/). We just booked a hotel in Italy with them for our European adventure this summer. It was great to know the hotel will be “kid-friendly”… we also got a small discount and didn’t have to worry about translation issues in making the reservation. Great service!

April 2nd, 2009
Globetrotting Bride says:

Great list! Thanks for sharing.

April 3rd, 2009
LiLing Pang says:

Here’s different type of website about traveling with kids. Trekaroo (http://www.trekaroo.com) is a large grassroots community of parents who are sharing about traveling with kids. We just launched in Jan with 8 states. But families are sharing about 50 US states. We will be launching more throughout the year. If you have tips/reviews about traveling with kids, join the conversation.

April 13th, 2009
Lorraine says:

This is a wonderfully comprehensive list. I’ll look forward to getting to know these sites.

April 21st, 2009
wandermom says:

Hey, thanks for including me on your list!

April 28th, 2009
Shelly Rivoli says:

Thanks for including Travels with Baby!

January 4th, 2011
Corfu Secret says:

Great list and very useful. As professional we need travel websites for cooperation. Thank you


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