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You may have heard of the CouchSurfing project. A young traveler was heading to Reykjavik a few years back and rather than staying in a random hostel, he took it upon himself to email 1,500 students at the University of Iceland, boldly asking if he could crash on ...
Today is Blog Action Day 2008: Poverty, a day when over 9000 bloggers are devoting their sites to issues of poverty around the world. The goal is to raise awareness, initiate action and shake the web. I thought I’d do my part and focus on some tangible things ...

Volunteer vacations make travel meaningful

Exploring the globe through do-good ventures is not just for idealistic college students, philanthropic church groups or Brangelina anymore. A growing number of families are seeking worthwhile projects, expeditions and experiential opportunities around the world to donate their time and energy to. And what they get ...

Urban settings offer wealth of adventures

There’s something about the bright lights of a big city that make for a fun family getaway. Good walking shoes are a must for families seeking to ...

Agritourism offers family fun on a working farm or ranch

“Agritourism” is a new buzz word and growing niche in the travel industry. Authentic working farms and ranches have opened their doors to allow city slickers a chance to experience country life first-hand, including optional pitching in with the daily chores ...