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We all know that flying with small children has its ups and downs (no pun intended). It’s hard to keep energetic little ones entertained for hours when confined to a cramped seat. The issue is further compounded by the two to three hours lag time waiting at the airport before ...
I love to curl up with a good book that takes me away to other places. Travel books let me reminisce about places I’ve been or dream about locales on my “someday” wish list. Reading about it the next best thing to being there. At this stage in my life, I’m ...
One of the best pieces of advice for traveling with children is to involve them in the planning process. If you are embarking on a family trip, reading age-appropriate books about the destination is a great way to prepare them and get them excited about the journey ahead. Older kids ...
Any time my family wants to fly anywhere it’s a four-ticket expense, so it pays to sleuth around the internet to find the best price. Even a savings of $25 times four adds up to $100 I’d rather spend on something else, so it’s worth my time to consult a ...
We all know the economy is tanking and so for many of us belts must be tightened. The prudent thing to do is to reduce all discretionary spending, which probably means the family travel budget should be curtailed. Curtailed, yes – but not necessarily eliminated. Those of us for which ...