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There’s a prevailing attitude in some circles that kids and travel don’t mix. They claim it’s disruptive for children, exhausting for mom and dad, annoying for other travelers and unnecessarily budget-busting. Stay home, they urge, and leave the worldly adventures to grown-ups who can better appreciate them. Well, I’m happy ...
I confess one of the reasons my husband and I decided to stop at two children was for travel convenience. Our classic compact family of four can fit in most standard hotel rooms across the globe, comfortably slumbering away side-by-side in two queen-sized beds. Add another kid or two and ...
One December day I was strolling the streets of Pasadena with my then one-year-old daughter. On a typical outing, at least two or three strangers would stop to coochie-coo my curly-haired cutie, but on this particular afternoon there were no admirers. Not even a sideways glance. It was like we ...
Nothing bites into a family travel budget like restaurant dining three times a day. Having to shell out for breakfast, lunch and dinner, let alone snacks and the occasional ice cream treat, can grow into a major mindless expense. But a growing family has got to eat, and sharing memorable ...
You may have heard of the CouchSurfing project. A young traveler was heading to Reykjavik a few years back and rather than staying in a random hostel, he took it upon himself to email 1,500 students at the University of Iceland, boldly asking if he could crash on ...