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As the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin approaches (February 12 if you haven’t got it marked on your calendar), my mind turns to the Galapagos Islands, the birthplace of his revolutionary evolutionary ideas. I had the privilege to live in the Galapagos for a few months back in 2001, about ...
It may seem incongruous for someone living in the Caribbean to wax poetic about the joys of snow, but I am a born and bred Canadian who has endured and enjoyed many a winter in my time. Yes, I’m thrilled that I no longer have to dwell in that season ...
Sometimes it pays to be a kid – or, to be more accurate, you DON’T pay if you have a kid. Several American ski resorts have partnered with various airlines to offer special “Kids Fly Free” packages to entice family travelers to their slopes. Add that to a deal for ...
Further to yesterday's post about traveling in Australia's Northern Territory, here are a few fun things to do with your family in and near Darwin. Stare Down a Crocodile Crocs and kids might not seem like a great combination to most moms, but youngsters are thrilled to see these stealth and ...
Australia has long been a favorite travel destination for those intrepid enough to go the distance – and expense – of getting there. Seeing the Sydney Opera House, diving the Great Barrier Reef, exploring cities like Melbourne and Brisbane, it’s all on the must-see radar for world travelers worth their ...