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I was a little apprehensive to visit Omaha Beach with my young kids. I didn't really want to contaminate their innocence with the knowledge of war and the horrors that man can inflict on man just yet. At ages 4 and 6, do they really need to be aware of ...
You know that that expression “going for the brass ring”? It comes from an old carousel tradition where children try to reach out and hook a metal loop as their horse gallops around the ride. You don't see this feature in many merry-go-rounds these days, but it is alive and ...
Hey kids, wanna stand in long lines and hike through crowded corridors to catch glimpses of ancient art? Find ways to make a museum visit fun for the kids. It may not have the appeal of Paris Disneyland, but if your family is ...
Keeping your family budget in check is a challenge when travelling to a pricey city like Paris. It's not a cheap destination at the best of times, but the current Euro conversion makes for particularly nasty sticker shock. You know hotels, restaurants, taxis and entrance fees are going to take bite ...
I asked Amie O’Shaughnessy of Ciao Bambino to write a guest post for Have Kids Will Travel. It's full of great pointers I'll keep in mind for my family's summer trip across the pond. You'll find lots of useful tips for family travel regardless of the destination. Enjoy!...