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Special airline rules apply for infant fliers

Remember life before kids, when you would see a parent coming down the airplane aisle with a babe in arms and you would chant to yourself “don’t sit by me, don’t sit by me”? Flash forward and now it’s your turn to accept the ...

Helping your baby sleep while on vacation

So you’re cramped in a hotel room or your host’s spare room. Where is the little one going to sleep? Find out ahead of time if wherever you’re staying has a suitable crib you can use. Make sure it complies to the latest ...

Feeding an infant on vacation needn't be a problem

Among the many benefits of breastfeeding, add travel convenience to the list. You’re always ready to feed on demand, without the hassle of sterilizing equipment or worries about water purity. Just be aware of any cultural sensitivities in your host environment and ...

Use vacation to foster your youngster's growing independence

The preschool years bring an end to the terrible twos (in theory) as your child blossoms into an imaginative, playful, increasingly more independent being. Toilet training is mastered, and tasks like getting dressed, brushing teeth and self-feeding are achieved. Able to entertain themselves ...

Air travel tests kids' patience and curiosity

If you thought babies made finicky flyers, toddlers in the sky can be even more challenging – but you’re up for the challenge, right? It’s the mobility factor coupled with a short attention span, defiant behavior and a limited capacity for self-amusement that make ...