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In the light of the economic recession, many families have had to find alternatives to their usual high-budget, out of town vacations. This year, when I sat down to plan our annual family summer vacation, I realized that because of the high prices of gas, we wouldn't really get very far. ...
Hiking and kids — especially younger children — don't mix well for most families. But outdoor writer Jeff Alt says it's possible to teach children to enjoy hiking, even at an early age. Alt is an enthusiastic hiker who has covered ...
We all remember what we thought about long journeys when we were kids. The discomfort. The boredom. The constant need to ask if we’re there yet! So it’s probably why we find it so easy to sympathise with the little nippers now. To help make their journey a little bit less ...
What is the most important thing to bear in mind when travelling with children? They need to be constantly amused! And remember, children’s attention spans can vary dramatically; they can spend five minutes with one toy then hours and hours playing with seemingly nothing in the garden. Therefore, you need to ...
It's hard to imagine how we ever organized a family holiday in the past without our smartphones! Smartphones — and in particualr the iPhone — have become our guide books, maps, translators, booking engines and road toys all in one. Now if only they'd make an app to wipe kids' runny ...